August 26, 2010



Sorry again for missing last week, I was in SEATTLE! The weather was beautiful, the times were fun, the sites were epic. Alas and joyously (it's a mixed basket), I'm back. Hope everyone's first week of school is going well. Here's this week's setlist:

Set 1: 10-10:30
1. Katy on a Mission - Katy B, Katy on a Mission
2. Brand New Car - Uffie, Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans
3. Spark Plug - Stereolab, Emperor Tomato Ketchup
4. Our Lady of the Underground - Anais Mitchell ft. Ani Difranco, Hadestown
5. Biscuit - Portishead, Dummy

Set 2: 10:30-11
1. You Could be Anywhere - Adron
2. Boyfried Girlfriend - Beau and the Arrows, NY.LON
3. Dreamhunt (remix) - Shinichi Osawa, The One
4. '81 - Joanna Newsom, Have One on Me
5. Give Me Shapes - Grass Widow, Past Time
6. Stiff Little Fingers - Dum Dum Girls, Stiff Little Fingers/Dream Away Life

Set 3: 11-11:30
1. Red Seas - Clogs, The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton
2. The Strangest Thing (Bloodshy and Avant Version) - Clare Maguire
3. Time of the Season - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Hawk
4. You Think You're a Man - The Vaselines, Enter the Vaselines
5. She Ain't a Child No More - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, I Learned the Hard Way
6. Didn't They? - Erin McKeown, Cabin Fever Episode 2

Set 4: 11:30-12
1. The Other Side of Your Face - Twin Sister, Color Your Life
2. The Wooded Forest - Savoir Adore, In the Wooded Forest
3. No Logic - White Hinterland, Kairos
4. Black Sheep - Metric
5. Young Blood Blues - Hurray for the Riff Raff, Young Blood Blues
6. Aelia - Cocteau Twins, Treasure

Talk to you next week!



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