December 16, 2010


Now that finals are over, I find myself degrading into the biggest pile of shit! But, an upside of all the time to be wasted is that I have time to make grrrrrrreat setlists! I've got a lot of new(ish) stuff this week, some that was missed during busy school time, and some that's legitimately new! Anyway, here's the line up:

Set 1: 10-10:30
1. This Corrosion - Diane Birch with The Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Velveteen Age
2. Yang Yang - Anika, s/t
3. Count Me Out - Blood Red Shoes, Fire Like This
4. Out of Touch - Versant, Heartbeats EP
5. Edinburgh - Jumpel, Europa
6. Tell Me Does She Love the Bass - Lesbians on Ecstasy, s/t

Set 2: 10:30-11
1. The End of Time - Computer Magic, The End of Times
2. Heartstopper - Emiliana Torrini, Fisherman's Woman
3. Brighter Discontent - The Submarines, Declare a New State!
4. Go Dancing - Eux Autres, Broken Bow
5. Ashitaga Hare Demo - Miko, Chandelier
6. Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram, Eyelid Movies
7. I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me - MAKE OUT

Set 3: 11-11:30
1. Lassoo - The Duke Spirit, Neptune
2. I Don't Believe, Liz Janes, Say Goodbye
3. Malt Liquor - Hope For Agoldendsummer, I Bought a Heart Made of Art
4. Let Go - JJ, JJ No. 3
5. Winter (What We Never Were After All) - Múm, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy
6. Grand Comore, Southern Shores, s/t
7. Bout Mine - Nenna Yvonne, Model Citizen

Set 4: 11:30-12
1. Mexico - Cary Ann Hearst & Michael Trent, Shovels & Rope
2. Civilian - Wye Oak, Civilian
3. Beachball - Jenocide, Knee Deep
4. Can You Hear Me See Me Now - Quinn Marston, s/t
5. Bullet - Scarlett Johansson, Terrible Thrills Vol. 1
6. Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds, The Family Jewels

Make sure you tune in next week for the Christmas Mighty Aphrodite!

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