February 3, 2011


Hey guys,

This week, I would like to give a big thank you to Indie Rock Cafe (www.indierockcafe.com). They're an invaluable source every week for aiding me in the discovery of new music to share with you! It's amazing how blogs have come to define the way we discover and share new sounds. People cry about the death of print, and as an English major, I empathize. However, it seems to me that magazines simply don't have the same output as blogs, yet the weekly musical output needs to be kept up with. I hope that books are never fully replaced by kindles, though. There's little better in life than laying in bed with a good book...

Just a brief musing... ONTO THE MUSIC!

Set 1: 10-10:30
1. Cut Me Out - MNDR, Green Label Sounds
2. Synapses - Papercranes, Let's Make Babies in the Woods
3. Hilli - Amiina, Kurr
4. Schoolbooks - Fields, Everything Last Winter
5. Back Home - Curio Museum
6. French Navy - Camera Obscura, My Maudlin Career

Set 2: 10:30-11
1. I Heard You Say - Vivian Girls, Share the Joy
2. This Mess We're In (ft. Thom Yorke) - PJ Harvey, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
3. Don't Know About You - Bardo Pond, s/t
4. The Dress - Blonde Redhead, 23
5. Buy Nothing Day - The Go! Team, Rolling Blackouts

Set 3: 11-11:30
1. 2000 Leagues Under My Keyboard - Dutch, A Bright Cold Day
2. Hollow Hills - McKenzie Eddy, s/t
3. Ain't No Love - Hang & the Cupcakes, s/t
4. Sheltered - The Notes, Wishing Well
5. He Gets Me High - Dum Dum Girls, s/t
6. Dreaming - Seapony, Dreaming
7. Seven (the Twelves remix) - Fever Ray
8. Lightning Fossil - Prince Rama, Shadow Temple

Set 4: 11:30-12
1. Knockabout - Air Waves, Dungeon Dots
2. Heard it All Before - Emiliana Torrini, Armini
3. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron, Witching Hour
4. Home - Glasser, Ring
5. Saturday Night - Donora, s/t
6. Waltzing for Weasels - Felix, You Are the One I Pick
7. Don't Be Sorry - Night Driving in Small Towns, Serial Killer

Thanks for the calls, dearies.

A+ (a plus tard, means until next time),


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