April 8, 2010


Hi everyone!

Back to normal format, so no more being sad about all those icky boy singers :) Thanks everyone so much for being our fans on facebook, it's good to see that people like what we're doing here!
Alrighty, on to this weeks set list:

Set 1: 10-10:30
1) I Learned the Hard Way - Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, I Learned the Hard Way
2) Dance Anthem of the 80's - Regina Spektor, Far
3) Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) - Laura Marling, I Speak Because I Can
4) Billie Holiday - Warpaint, Exquisite Corpse
5) Every Drop of Rain - Candie Payne & St. Vincent, Here Lies Love

Set 2: 10:30-11
1) Blue - The Living Sisters, Love to Live
2) Trees - Thrushes
3) Slippin - Quadron, Quadron
4) Space Invaders - The White White Lights, Medium Head Boy EP
5) Open Our Eyes - Amplifico, Logic Kills the Fire EP
6) The Crime Machine - The Brunettes, Paper Dolls
7) Where Do You Run To - Vivian Girls, Vivian Girls
8) I Can't Stand - Zola Jesus, Stridulum EP

Set 3: 11pm – 11:30ish

1) Piano Vache – Party Photographers, “Self Titled Album”
woah do you remember this song on their blog??
2) Beachy Head - Veronica Falls
3) it’ll come around – All Saints Day
Side project for Vivian Girls’ Katy Goodman and Cat Power’s Gregg Foreman
4) All Around and Away We Go – Twin Sister
5) Born 2 Be Fly – Fly Girlz
get the track here
6) Hold Up Your Hand (ft. Roisin Murphy) – Crookers, “Tons of Friends”
7) Soon – Fan Death, “A Coin for the Well EP”
Did you know that the word ‘Fan Death’ in Korea is a superstition where if you leave a fan on running throughout the night in a room where someone is sleeping they will DIE!!
8) Do I Sad? – Geneva Jacuzzi, “LAMAZRE”
Get the track here
9) Ghosts In The Machine – Death and Vanilla, “beko_01”
Get the song and a couple others by the artist here

Set 4: 11:30pm – 12am

1. Deep Deep Down – Ennio Morricone, “Danger: Diabolik”

Came off this crazy spy movie soundtrack

2. Starship 109 – Mistral

Wow. Check out the music video

3. Fiya – Tune-Yards, “Bird Brains”

watch this nice video for the song here

4. Janitor of Lunacy – Soap&Skin, “Untitled EP”

Get some tracks by the artist off this French music blog

5. 002 Pasture – Tremblexy, “White Tiger”
Get the track here
6. fineline – Lotte Kestner, “China Mountain master”
7. in here the world begins – Broadcast, “Mother is the Milky Way”
A couple of the songs in this set came from this Dunwich Radio podcast

Thanks everybody who tuned in! We had a lot of callers this week with really great feedback and some great requests. We love it when you call and talk to us. In case you didn't know the number for the station is 404)413-9727. If you didn't hear your request tune in next week to hear it. Thanks again and see you same time next Thursday!!!

-xoxoxoxxx Allie and Ryan

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