April 1, 2010


Happy April Fool's Day!

I (Allie) missed you all horribly last week, but Ryan kicked serious ass with his sxsw playlist. We've got a funny joke for you guys this week, which will be quite apparent via blog, but not so much while you were listening! Hope you enjoyed :)

Set 1: 10-10:30
1) Theme from Golden Girls - Cynthia Fee
2) Blowing Cave - Death Vessel, Stay Close
3) Valentine - The Delays, You See Colours
4) All Based on a Story Line - Craig Owens
5) artboy meets artgirl - Moi Caprice, Once Upon a Time in the North
6)Beach - Mew, The Morning Found Me Miles Away

Set 2: 10:30-11
1) Snow - JJ72, JJ72
2) I'm A Man - Paul & Virginia, I'm A Man 7"
3) Finn bikkjen! - Casiokids, Topp stemning pa lokal bar
4) Tounge Side Out - Living Rooms, Family Taste EP
5) She Purred While I Grred - Wild Beasts, Limbo Panto
6)A Song for Elle Greenwich, Live @ Maps
7)Rain On Radio - Woods
8)Snow Patterns - Q and Not U, Different Damages

Set 3: 11 - 11:30
1) You Really Rock Me - Nick Gilder
2) Just to See Her - Smokey Robinson, One Heartbeat
3) Nightingale - The Tiger Lillies, Love & War
4) Filthy/Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters
5) Every Me and Every You - Placebo
6) Strength in Numbers - The Music, Strength in Numbers

Set 4: 11:30 - 12
1)Walk A Thin Line (Fleetwood Mac Cover) - Atlas Sound
2)Clown - SSION, Fool's Gold
3)Lysergic Blues - Of Monteral, Satanic Panic in The Attic
4)Your Good Arm - Inlets
5) For Someone - Raw Thrills, beko_29
6)Springtheme - Ween, Pure Guava
7)Helplessly Young - Oho No Ono, Eggs
8) Brackett, WI - Bon Iver, Dark Was the Night
9) Jealous of My Boogie - RuPaul, Jealous of My Boogie The RuMixes

Alright guys, thanks for putting up with our shenanigans tonight... we had fun, and hope you did too! Next week we'll be back to our regular format, so be sure to check us out (and be forgiving of our funny funny joke...)

love and kisses,
Allie and Ryan

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  1. Damn, sorry I missed the show...I wish you recorded them :)