March 25, 2010

March 25th Show! "SXSW Girls!!!!"

Hey everybody!!

Have a great show for today. Since I couldn't go to Austin for SXSW I decided to bring Austin to Atlanta. All of tonight's artists preformed last week @ SXSW and most of the tunes are from their latest album/EP/demo/whateves. Hope you dig it, remember we luvvv feedback!

{#. Song Title - Artist "Album, if any"}

Set 1: 10 - 10:30pm

1. Baby Don't Go - Dum Dum Girls
2. The Conductor - Ume
3. In the City - Chromatics "In Shining Violence"
4. Billie Holiday - Warpaint "Exquisite Corpse EP"
5. Underground - Reading Rainbow
Check out their pretty pretty blog here
6. Able To - Eternal Summers "self-titled"
7. Thats the way boys are - Best Coast
8. Let Me Take You out - Class Actress "Journal of Ardency"

Set 2: 10:30ish - 11pm

1. Everywhere I Go - Lissie "Why U Runnin' EP"
2. Hello Halo - Blair "Die Young"
vidvidvideo of the live act here
3. I just droped in to see what condition my condition was is (Mickey Newbury Cover) - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
4. I want A House - Twin Sister "Vampires with Dreaming Kids"
5. Kiss Your Feet - The Sandwitches "How to Make Ambient Sandcakes"
mysterious group. they have a weird video on their myspace...
6. Honeybee - Mountain Man "Self-titled"
7. Rattled Call - Grass Widow "Self-titled"
8. Gimme - She Keeps Bees "Nests"

Set 3: 11 - 11:30ish

1. Small Things - Stricken City
get the track here
2. Ratcatcher - Yellow Fever "Self-Titled"
check out the song here as well as some other great girl vox
3. Love More - Sharon Van Etten
4. Does & Hoes - The Peelies
5. Splintered Bridges - The Splinters
6. Parking Lot - The Coathangers "live demo"
7. Violet Eyes - My Gold Mask
catch a couple tracks from the band and see a vid here
8. Led to The Sea - Jenny Owen Youngs "Transmitter Failure"

Set 4: 11:30 - 12am

1. California Shakedown - Pearl Harbor "Slivers Of You/California Shakedown 7""
they have a really fun blog here with pics, vids, and other treats
2. your world is right - sleep~over
fun fact: Stephanie is also in Silver Pines! Grab this song here
3. Time Father - Silver Pines
im pretty sure they have something to do with the dark lord.. and by dark lord i mean Voldemort
4. So Bloody, So Tight - A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Nighttime Rainbows"
5. Hollow Life - Frankie Rose & The Outs
here is a pre-show review of their sxsw show, also can download this song
6. Jump in - MNDR "E.P.E"
check out the song here!

Thanks for listening! Already working on next week's show! Allie will be back in the studio sharing her lovely voice with us (score!) Be Sure to check us out again on Thursday, April 1st at 10pm. hmmmm isn't that April fool's day?? I wonder whats going to happen!

-Ryan xoxoxoxoxox

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