March 11, 2010


Hi guys!!

Okay, so, I wasn't ready with the interview to air it... so make sure you tune in next week! This week, we've got lots of old stuff, lots of new stuff, lots of amazing stuff. It looks like Ryan might be a new co-host, so be accepting of him, regardless of his masculinity. He's great!!! Here are the sets:

Set 1: 10-10:30
1. Starry Eyed (Monsieur Adi remix) - Ellie Goulding,
2. On the Edge - Clogs, Creatures In the Garden of Lady Walton
3. New in Town - Little Boots, Hands
4. Lady Bones - Magenta Lane, Gambling With God
5. Let Go - jj, n3
6. Cataract - White Hinterland, Kairos
7. I Feel Eternal - Speck Mountain, Some Sweet Relief

Set 2: 10:30-11
1. Heartbeat - Nneka, Concrete Jungle
2. Deny All - Bettie Serveert, Pharmacy of Love
3. To Where - Grass Widow, Grass Widow EP
4. Here Comes the Water Now - Christy & Christy, No Rest
5. Cinderella Tonight - La Chansons
6. Space - Fizzy Dino Pop, Hello, Party!
7. If I Were a Tree - Forest City Lovers, Phodilus and Tyto
8. Little Margaret - Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dona Got a Ramblin' Mind
9. Hanuman - Rodrigo y Gabriela, 11:11
10. Bodies - Savoir Adore, In the Wooded Forest

Set 3: 11- 11:30pm
1. We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat remix) - The Knife
2. New Year's Eve - Sinn Sisamouth & Rosa Serey Sothea, Sleepwalking Through The Mekong
3. House Jam - Gang Gang Dance, Saint Dymphna
4. Heart of Stone (Dum Dum Girls Cover) - The Raveonettes, Covers 320 MP3
5. Travlin' Girl - The Bitters, East General (Mastered)
6. Howl My Soul - Medical Mission Sisters, AD Presents:: Polytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape (2)
7. You Came, You Saw, You Conquered - The Ronettes, The Best Of The Ronettes

11:30 - 12am
1. UMO - OOIOO, Taiga
2. Take it with You - The Ettes, Do You Want Power
3. Peeps - TacocaT, Shame Spiral
4. Smash the Control Machine - Otep, Smash the Control Machine
5. Iron Gum - Satine
6. Lava Love - Maika Makovski
7. Perfect Plan - Sarah Jaffe
8. Dracula - Christine Pilzer
9. Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals, The Best of

WOW, wasn't that a great show!! Ryan is soo much fun and such a joy to be around! Tune in next week for more of him and more Mighty Aphrodite!!

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