March 18, 2010


Hi there!

Another excellent week here in Atlanta! The weather is warmer, the semester is over half-way over, and maybe *crosses fingers* it will stop raining so much! I hope everyone had a funtastic spring break (nice, right?). Anyway, here's this week's line-up:

Set 1: 10-10:30
1) Sun - Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose, Bridge Carols
2) Swimmers - Broken Social Scene, Broken Social Scene
3) Forest Fire - Lily Frost, Viridian Torch
4) Daydreaming (Jackwob Remix) - Kid Sister
5) My Love is Better - Annie
6) Lucia, at the Precipice - Esben and the Witch, Lucia, at the Precipice
7.) Falling in Love with the Wolfboy - The Magnetic Fields, The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees

Set 2: 10:30-11
1) Be Stiff - Toni Basil, Best of
2) St. Ives - Nun-Plus
3) Do What You Gotta Do - Nina Simone
4) Eleanor Rigby - 3rd Wave
5) I Know I See I Love I Go - Rainbow Arabia, Kabukimono
6) Hide Me - The Golden Filter
GBG Belongs to Us - Air France With Roos, A Love Letter in Three Parts

Set 3: 11-11:30
1) Feeling Good (Nina Simone Cover) - My Brightest Diamond, Session Planet Claire
2) Backbeat - Donora, Donora
3) Annie's Box - The Knife, Tomorrow, in a Year
4) Things You Used to Say - Very Truly Yours, Things You Used to Say
5) Red Light Love - Those Darlins, Those Darlins
6) It Is Happening Again - Blood Red Shoes, Fire Like This
7) Canary - Birds & Wine, Sanford's Drive

Set 4: 11:30-12
1) Up the Mtn (
Gui Boratto Remix) - Bomb the Bass
2) Automatic Lover - Dee D Jackson, Best of ABI Records
3) Crown on the Ground - Sleigh Bells
4) Back to the Sea - The Sand Witches
5) Go Outside - Colts, Colts 7"
6) Club - MNDR, BPE

That's it for tonight, thanks everyone for tuning in! As always, we would love to hear some feedback/get requests/etc on here, so feel free to drop us a line. Next week we will FINALLY have up the Jenny Owen Youngs/Bess Rogers/Allison Weiss interview, so that's def something to look forward to :)

Allie and Ryan

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